The Fertility Holiday Experience

Why take one?

No one looks forward to getting treatment of any sort.

And when it comes to Fertility treatment, it’s even more daunting. Fertility treatments can be uncertain and as it’s long drawn out it could be physically and mentally taxing. Infertility is one of the contributing causes of depression, and the anxiety and tension builds up further when we undergo treatment. We’ve heard of countless stories from couples about how difficult the experience can be.

We asked ourselves, can we do anything to make this better?

And that’s when we came up with Fertility Holiday. It’s a tour package that we worked seamlessly into your treatment plan. We partnered with some of the best fertility clinics, and broke our heads (and theirs) for hours to create an experience that does to hinder their treatment and at the same time does not bog you down.

We have different packages which are further customizable to suit to your needs. The common factor among all packages is to give you a relaxing, fun and memorable experience.

So, you’re here. And we would love to talk and know your story. And if things do fall in place, we can’t wait to start this journey together.

“Good company in a journey, makes the way seem shorter.”

– Izaak Walton

Our Partner(s)

Our Vision


To provide couples with personalised care of the highest standard, to keep pace with newer and advanced technologies in treating couples wishing to conceive, to expand our services internationally and to undertake research in the field of reproductive medicine.


Our Mission


To be a world-class fertility centre who deliver comprehensive, competent, compassionate and ethical care to sub fertile couples.

Jananam Mrs Jayalakshmi – A True Story…


The beautiful lady in this picture is Mrs Jayalakshmi, my mother’s older sister. She was married way back in the 1940’s to a doctor. She had no children and in those days fertility management was incomparable to what it is today. Investigations were largely absent and treatment was grossly inadequate. In India, not having a child was an unacceptable disgrace. My aunt as a consequence of this developed serious depression. She often asked my mother – her kid sister who was then training to become a doctor whether she could adopt her first child ( myself ). Unfortunately, she died of blood cancer at the young age of 34, long before I was even born. I have always dreamed of starting a fertility centre in her memory. Jananam is dedicated to her only desire in life – a child.

I have written these words for her which are the focal point at Jananam.

“Childlessness has wrecked many a deserving life………….

Dear God, please grant us the strength to help those in need with compassion, competence and moral principles.”

Dr. Vani Sundarapandian
Medical Director and Lead Fertility Specialist

Dr. Vani is an accredited Reproduction Medicine Specialist with over 20 years experience. She is committed to helping couples achieve their dream of parenthood using the latest techniques in IVF treatment

Dr. Mangalam R
Assistant Fertility Specialist

An accomplished fertility consultant, with a keen interest in assisted reproductive techniques, Dr. Mangalam is focused on educating, counselling and monitoring patients through IVF cycles and treatment.

Shajila Titus
Chief Embryologist

Shajila has extensive experience in embryology and is recognized for high-quality outcomes in IVF, ICSI, Vitrification of Oocytes, Cleavage stage Embryos and Blastocyst management.

Dr. Shanmugam
Chief Anaesthetist

Dr. Shanmugam has over 10 year’s experience in General, Bariatric and Paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care. He ensures quality and safety in the management of couples.