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The Spiritual Package

Often in our lives, there comes a point where we want to take a break, a spiritual break. It’s an opportunity to connect with yourself by letting go of all the ebbs and flows of a daily routine. It’s not a search for pleasure or thrill but the possibility of peace and contentment.

This package aims to give you just that, along with world class fertility treatment from our Jananam Fertility Centre, a leading fertility centre in Chennai. They are specialized in individualistic care and be an ideal partner in your journey to parenthood.

This fertility holiday package gives you ample time to explore your spiritual side. You can explore various spiritual places from our exhaustive list without affecting any part of your treatment.

So, it’s time to explore the inner you, to relax those nerves and let yourself free. Time to take a break, a spiritual break.



Additional Info

  • Duration : 3 Days
  • Person : 2
  • Price : 4500

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